Mineola Long Island, NY Junk Removal Service

Mineola, Long Island NY. Junk Removal Service

We easily service Mineola, Long Island and over 30 trucks are operated by our experienced technicians to handle most junk removal needs.
Mineola’s population in 2017 was just over 19,000 people. Incorporated¬† in 1906, Mineola is located in Nassau County, Long Island.
We make things simple for you. Just take some pictures of your junk and text them to us at 718-200-4998. WE WILL NOT PLAY GAMES WITH YOU ON PRICES. Our quote will be accurate and we will not hold your job hostage with a higher quote once we are there.

Three Easy Steps

Take A Picture Of your junk

Just email us your pictures or even text them for an accurate quote.

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Text Your Pics Or Email Them To Us. It's Easy. Just Follow the "directions" below.

Get A Price

We'll get you a price with in an hour of sending us the images or we'll give an addtional 10% off.

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